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The Beginner’s Guide to Using Guerrilla Marketing To Grow Your Brand

In your everyday life, you may be exposed to a bunch of guerrilla marketing tactics. The funny thing is, you may not even realize that it is happening to you, and you are actually being sold something and being propelled to act in a certain way. Examples of these are publicity stunts, PR or public relations spins, stencil graffiti, viral videos, memes, and the like. If you’re engaged in business, you need to learn the ropes of guerrilla marketing because it is a very effective tactic for enticing people to patronize your brand.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

The standard definition of a guerrilla is a group of insurgents that try to instigate something against a regular faction for the purpose of a greater cause. Tying this word up with marketing literally means that you’re utilizing strategies and campaigns that disrupt consumers in their daily routine with guerrilla marketing. These disruptions aren’t harmful but are unique, unconventional, and inventive gimmicks that pave the way for brand interaction and retention. The idea here is to spark something newsworthy, generate engagement, go viral, and cause a stir through dramatic methods so that people will spread it by word of mouth or through their social media posts. Guerrilla marketing is the polar opposite of traditional marketing efforts because of the reliance on non-traditional and unconventional methods.

Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing?

What many marketing agencies like about the guerrilla marketing strategy is that it is relatively low in cost. Engaging in this type of campaign will not break the bank, so anyone can do it, even small businesses. Crafting guerrilla content is basically re-working or re-purposing your already existing content. You may opt to take several highlights of this content or work with several segments and then expand content high light into different things like blog posts, memes, or videos. More than money, guerrilla marketing needs an investment of time and effort to craft unique and eye-catching content, which the audience will feel compelled to spread through word of mouth. This will drive engagement, boost awareness, and increase sales for your brand.

Steps To Building A Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Step 1: Ask yourself what tactic can you use to create the ultimate guerrilla campaign.

Step 2: Set your goals; what do you plan to achieve.

Step 3: Analyze the situation and the current market trend.

Step 4: Identify who your customers are and what they respond to.

Step 5: Position your brand the best way you can with your chosen technique.

Step 6: After all the planning is done, execute your campaign.

Step 7: Document your results and evaluate your guerrilla marketing technique.

Trends in Guerrilla Marketing?

Stagnant marketing leads to the death of businesses. In this modern, digital world, technology reigns supreme. Innovating and improvising are essential for businesses to survive. Here are the top trends in guerrilla marketing:

Make it mobile

Everyone practically has a smartphone and tablet. People rely on their gadgets and log on to their apps and navigate their favorite sites all the time. Businesses need to follow and make sure their online sites are optimized and ready to compete.

Prioritize user experience

Your site has to be compelling and easy for your audience to navigate if you want them to stick around and say good things about your site. Make your content truly unique and unconventional, in true guerrilla style fashion. Don’t forget to capitalize on that all-important hashtag.

Optimize the speed of your site

Sites that don’t load fast enough are left in the dust. Your guerrilla marketing videos won’t be seen if your page doesn’t load fast enough.

Engage your user with other content

Think authoritative hyperlinks!

Tap influencers

Brand ambassadors and influencers have a sphere of authority that can take your guerrilla efforts to the next level. 

Stats about Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing gives you a chance to create a WOW factor and be extra memorable for your target audience. Guerrilla marketing forces you to churn out something unique that people will talk about. You quash the same old advertising efforts and come up with better ideas giving some element of surprise to those who experience your methods. The recall is so much better when the audience has an unparalleled experience with your brand. Most of all, with guerrilla marketing, you are giving your marketing team a chance to really brainstorm and work on ideas that boosts their confidence and creative fulfillment.

10 Awesome Guerrilla Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

There are many guerrilla marketing tactics that you can use today to promote your brand. They don’t cost much, but they get the important job of making people recall your name, which matters a lot when purchasing time comes. Here are the top ten tricks you can use:

1. Leverage the Power of Unassuming Simple Stickers

Simple stickers will help the audience become more familiar with your brand. It is not a typical marketing strategy because it is small, but in spite of its size, it has the potential to pack a mean punch. The Reddit brand used stickers of their iconic alien logo. It caught like wildfire with people sticking it in their cars, bags, poles, buses, binders, and more. Soon, there were sticker meet-ups and stickers events. Later on, pictures of stickers and people in the act of sticking the alien logo were plastered all over social media. The company CEO shared that they spent less than five hundred dollars on those stickers, but the results were immense. To date, Reddit has 36 million user accounts and 169 million unique monthly visitors. Never underestimate the power of the unassuming, simple sticker to boost your brand.

2. Utilize Eye-catching Outdoor Installations

Using this guerrilla marketing method, the producers of the 2017 hit horror movie called “It” used red colored balloons, which they tied to drain grates all over Sydney, Australia. They were paired with the note saying, “It is closer than you think.” This stunt used the audience’s familiarity with the iconic red balloons because it is associated with a Stephen King character called Pennywise, a deranged clown that preyed on kids, from his best-selling novel also called “It.” They also painted several murals of Pennywise’s face all over town. Those strategically positioned murals and balloons built up the crowd’s anticipation for the movie, and these methods yielded massive social media traffic for the film’s trailer, which ultimately resulted in the movie’s success. Think of how you can use these unique installations as a gimmick for your company’s products.

3. Utilization of the Reverse Graffiti

This is the opposite of what actual graffiti is because instead of adding something to the surface, like what is normally done in graffiti, marketers take away dirt and grime from the wall, street, or any backdrop to create a unique message that blends seamlessly with the background. You can use this method by merely placing a stencil with your company logo on the sidewalk, then simply douse the area with water to wash away the undesirable parts to reveal your message.

4. Take Advantage of Contextual Marketing

This strategy is about evolving communication platforms and how you should change the way you promote your products based on this evolution. You have to be able to deliver the right content, with the right target audience, at the right time to reap maximum benefits. For example, Oreo used this in the power outage at the Super Bowl of 2013 to create hype. Amidst the blackout, they tweeted an ad that said: “You can still dunk in the dark.” This witty ad captured the attention of the audience because it was delivered with great comedic timing.

5. Consider Creating Counter-Campaigns

Simply put, this is a strategy executed to counter or address the successful strategy of a competitive brand. One of the most popular and longest-running counter ads is anti-smoking campaigns promoted by health organizations to curb smoking. Often, these come with just basic statistical information with a picture of a ghastly-looking lung next to a healthy pink one to achieve maximum cringe factor to dissuade smokers from picking up a stick. Don’t discount the power of counter ads to quash your competition.

6. Make Use of Creative Product Placement

Product positioning guerrilla style is calling attention to your product by placing its worthiness right smack in the middle of people’s daily lives. To illustrate, in 2010, the Volkswagen automobile company installed a red playground slide in a train station in Germany. Instead of taking the stairs or escalator, commuters were encouraged to take the slide, which was labeled “the fast lane.” The unusual placement of something so fun and unexpected became the talk of the town. Even if you’re a small company, you can utilize this method to create something spontaneous that would leave a good lasting impression on your intended clients.

7. Improve Existing Space

The Ikea brand capitalized on this method heavily by using the streets of Paris and Manhattan to showcase their decorative items. Imagine a stylized living room in the middle of a busy street, your train windows decked with fancy curtains, and bus stops with a sofa and throws pillows. You can use the same shock value to make your brand memorable.

8. Partner Up with Another Brand

Sometimes, partnering up with a brand, especially an unexpected one, will help promote your products. To illustrate, Colgate Max Night partnered with local pizzerias. They gave them Colgate-branded boxes for their dinner deliveries. This served as a reminder for the clients not to forget to brush their teeth before bed.

9. Do a Classic Flash Mob

Organize a flash mob program to promote your business. This involves a group of individuals performing specific sets of actions at a specified time and place. You can hire actors or request members of your community to help you create an engaging flash mob that will surely have everyone in the vicinity taking pics. It is great for stirring up interest and creating online traffic once the audience posts their videos online

10. Go for the WOW Factor

Think of an awesome publicity stunt that will help draw your clients’ attention. For King Kong 3D, the producers made several giant paw marks on the beach. People naturally took photos and share their experiences on social media with the corresponding movie hashtag.

Rule of thumb: if you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, then think outside the box!