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Coffee Shop Marketing Ideas To Increase Sales – That Work If Done Correctly

Marketing any business takes finesse in order to see results. If one strategy doesn’t work at first, it might require some calibration. You’re going to run into scenarios where a strategy doesn’t seem like it’s going to pay off, but you need to persevere. Marketing coffee roasts to cafes and consumers is difficult because people are extremely selective about the types of coffee they purchase. Selling your coffee requires careful planning and a great eCommerce website experience in order to find the market for your brand. You’ll need to test your product in a few different venues to see where it finds the right audience. The list below will help you find solid marketing ideas that will help expose your roast to your community.

Marketing Strategies and Ideas for Coffee Roasters

Take a look at this list of marketing strategies and ideas to get started on finding new clients for your coffee roaster. Even if business is good now, it’s important to keep working on new strategies to funnel potential customers to your company. Marketing strategies help increase sales, and they will help your brand gain recognition within its industry.

Strategy #1: Tasting Events

Perhaps one of the most important promotional activities that every coffee roaster should provide is a tasting event. Your brand could hold private events at your facility, or you could network with local coffee shops. Tasting events help introduce your brand to communities, so people get to see the faces of your staff. When we go to a tasting, we are experiencing more than what goes into our mouths. The tasting event is a chance for your brand to make a lasting impression upon guests.

Strategy #2: Introduce Blends to Cafes

In order to get cafes interested in your brand, you might need to offer a sample for cafe owners to test. If the owners like your blend, you could work out a deal to sell your coffee at their locations. Introducing blends to cafes is crucial to finding an audience in any town. People will be more likely to trust your brand of coffee if it’s sold at their favorite coffee shop.

Strategy #3: Offer Special Deals Around Holidays

The holiday season gives you a special chance to sell your coffee at premium prices. If you are giving a deal to people around the holidays, they will be more willing to pay a premium price for your products throughout the rest of the year. You could try setting up an email marketing campaign to send deals out to your customers when the holiday season is approaching. Coffee is one of the gifts that people reach for when they don’t know what someone will like. Make your brand more appealing during the holidays by introducing holiday blends and incorporating a festive design with holiday products.

Strategy #4: Market to Local Consumers

In order to win the appeal of people in your community, your coffee roaster should try using locally inspired names for new blends of coffee. Parody the names of local celebrities, sports teams, and landmarks. When you take your coffee to cafes in the area, these locally inspired names will act as an icebreaker. Before they try your blend of coffee, they will be laughing about the puns you create.

Another way to market to local customers is to use local search engine optimization techniques. When you create webpages for your roasting company, you need to utilize keywords that incorporate the names of areas near your business. This will help your company rank higher in search results for your area.

Strategy #5: Design Coffee Mugs With Community Members

This strategy is designed to get more people from your community talking about your company. When you host an event at your business location, you are showing the community that your company cares about its needs. People of all ages will enjoy designing coffee mugs together, especially if you provide free refills when people sign up for your newsletter. Once people settle to work on designing a mug, they will be more interested in hearing all about your brand.

Strategy #6: Conduct Tours of the Roasting Process

The website that you create for your coffee roaster should give your customers an idea of what the roasting process is like. You could include descriptions, pictures, and a video of the process. However, nothing compares to seeing the process unfold before your eyes.

You won’t believe how many people are interested in seeing how their favorite products are prepared. People are becoming more appreciative of the processes that bring products to the stores and venues that they visit. You could win a fan for life by appealing to visitors with an enjoyable tour.

Tours provide your brand with a chance to show the general public how your coffee beans are roasted, and they will be able to ask questions about the process as well. It also provides an opportunity to invite owners of cafes to experience what goes on behind the scenes.

Strategy #7: Blog About the Roasting Experience

If people didn’t get enough of your brand during the tour, they’re going to love reading about your process on your website. Many coffee lovers like to know how the products they purchase are prepared. If you offer information about how your brand prepares coffee beans in its facility, you might win the attention of some powerful brand enthusiasts. Influence enough fans in your area, and people will be talking about your coffee in their inner circles.

Coffee roasting is an activity that benefits all types of people, but not everyone knows about the process. Coffee lovers will like to see pictures of the tools used in preparing their favorite roasts, and you should share some insider information that your staff has learned while working closely with coffee. You will entice people to try your roast with your blog, but don’t give away any top secret information about your roasting process.

Moving Forward With Your Marketing Plan

It’s important to develop a marketing plan that incorporates strategies that you have tested because you will be relying upon your plan to bring in customers. You may need to adjust your plan regularly in order to see results. Many of the strategies listed above require finesse and experimentation. Be creative in your marketing endeavors, and remember that some of the greatest benefits of marketing your coffee roaster aren’t easy to measure. Take pride in the recognition your company gains within the coffee community.