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Marketing Ideas For Fraternity and Sorority Chapters

Of the top money-making skills to have in 2021, at the top would probably be marketing. If you’re not constantly creating content for people to share their attention with your brand, then you’re not going to sell much or grow a business. There are hundreds of strategies to use when it comes to marketing, but some strategies will work better than others depending on the business or project.

Word of mouth is still very powerful, but it’s only as effective as the people who are talking about you. If they are saying negative things, then it is not good. Online strategies work better with some businesses, and in-person-meetings or events will work best for other businesses.

Fraternities and Sorority chapters across the nation tend to recruit heavily because every year, a few of their members graduate or can no longer be in their associations. For that reason, in this article, we will discuss marketing by listing marketing strategies for fraternity and sorority chapters to help recruit new members.

Marketing Ideas For Fraternity and Sorority Chapters

Recruiting new members into a fraternity or sorority is an ongoing marketing campaign leading recruits down a funnel of sorts. People are used to marketing, and so while some of the strategies have been around for decades, some of them will be new to induce curiosity from the person who may be seeing that type of marketing for the first time. The following list can be used for both men and women who want to attract new members to their fraternities or sororities.

1. Create a club that helps new students unload their belongings and move into their dormitories or apartments.

This will ensure that students sign up before they move to university, so they expect help. As you help them unload and move in, you’ll strike up a conversation and will not only be remembered as the first person to help them on that campus, but they may see a fraternity or sorority as something “cool” or mysterious to look forward to by staying in contact with you.

2. Look back at what your organization did last year to attract new members.

Plan on utilizing only the strategies that worked. You can look at some of the strategies that didn’t work and change a few things. For example, maybe the club held a free pizza party near campus, but those who selected the venue didn’t realize the venue was too far for most freshmen students who didn’t have a car or whatever the reason.

3. One thing that seemed to work at the university I went to was simple business cards.

Chapters would place members in heavily trafficked areas around campus, and all they would do was give out business cards to students passing by. Some students would reject them, but most would simply take the card. On one side was all the information for the chapter, and on the other side the chapter’s rush schedule.

4. Keep in mind that you’re always going to be rushing.

It doesn’t matter that there are formal events and “Rushing Events”; we’re always marketing for new members. Typically you’ll be wearing your chapter’s gear, so you’ll become a walking billboard to attract newcomers.

5. Don’t forget to contact your alumni board going into the rush week.

Some fraternities ignore their alumni board, but it is always best to come forth with the problems and weaknesses your chapter is having. Alumni boards are there to help you recruit new members to keep the best men possible.

6. Website Design

Take a good look at your fraternity or sorority website and make sure it is optimized to answer all potential questions. Make the website convey the message you want all your pledges to remember. Look at other fraternities or sororities ‘ websites and make it a goal to make yours ten times better.

7. SMM Strategies

Fraternities and sororities had lived in order before there were cellphones or the internet, but now every college student has social media. Use that to your chapter’s advantage and create a Twitter page. There you’ll be able to share information with your brothers and sisters and for others to see rush schedules, etc.

If people are interacting with the Twitter page, then, by all means, contact them. Invite them to rush week or to meet the brothers and sisters. Put everyone in a Twitter message or a thread and talk about the benefits of joining.

8. #ThrowBackThursday

If you also have a Facebook Page, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram, make sure to do #throwbackthursday or #tbt photos and videos of your Chapter’s past. This is a great way to not only show the history of the chapter but how things have evolved and what new members can experience when they join. If you do it every Thursday, people will be looking forward to the events and experiences only members have access to.

9. Do not tell your potentials that your job is to get them in; instead, make sure to underpromise and overdeliver.

Let them know that your job is actually to find ways to help them along the way. You don’t want to mislead anyone in any way. Marketing has to do with every communication you have, so you never stop marketing. If you want your chapter, your brand to be recognized, you have to have professionalism in every interaction.

10. Meet In Person

The best thing that has worked through the decades has always been getting out there and meeting potential brothers or sisters. Once you meet them and you think they would be good candidates, invite them over to the house so they can see what goes on inside and if they could be a good fit to live with.

11. Events

When you’re planning events, make sure that they are events that everyone will want to do. Look into what can give someone happiness, a memorable experience, or a large amount of fun. The worst thing to happen is spending a bunch of time and energy on an event that no one wants to go to.

12. Nobody wants to be treated like a number, so if you want potentials to feel special, you have to do things that achieve that.

You have to make them feel special without lying or deceiving them. Find their characteristics and make everything about them. Again, marketing is not only for the internet. It’s how you treat people. It’s the constant communication and cares you show for those you want to accept.

13. You need to constantly be marketing yourself.

Make friends and talk to as many people as you can. You can’t be doing all your marketing and recruitment during the first two weeks of school. There’s no way you can reach your potential this way. You have to invite the friends you met last semester to rush. Constantly remind people you talk to that they can join if they want to and don’t give up on them. Also, your focus should be on meeting the guys and girls who don’t even know that fraternity and sorority life exists.

14. Attend the cafeterias in a sort of military-style recruiting system.

Take a few of your brothers or sisters and divide yourselves among tables. Strike up conversations since most of them will be freshmen looking for something cool to do. Leave them your contact information and make sure to get theirs, and get them to a rush event as quickly as possible.

15. Show me a college campus with Greek life, and we’ll show you an organized partying scene like no other.

This is the main reason why people join sororities and fraternities. They want to be known for throwing the best parties and being popular. What better way to do it than to join a chapter. This instantly raises your status, so one way of attracting hundreds of people on any given night is to throw a massive party. Students are looking for Greek social life, so really show them what it’s like. Also, make it very exclusive so that people have to think of a way to get in. Don’t just let everyone in so you have a select group of people to take to the next level.

16. Facebook Events

Going back to the social media aspect of marketing, you can recruit a lot of people by posting Facebook events and sending potentials messages. If your chapter has a fan page, make sure to send introductory messages from this page to boost the status and value of the chapter.

17. Your chapter can always put all of these ideas into a list and hire a marketing team or director.

Their job will be to market all your events and to lead generate in any way they can. They’re professionals, so your chapter will spend less time worrying about bringing people and more on the experience the people who show up receive.

We could have listed more advanced marketing strategies like retargeting and banners, but because Greek life is all about being social and meeting in person or events, we focused on these. Our focus was also more on how marketing becomes an all-encompassing way of being. Every time you interact with a potential recruit, you’re marketing a part of your chapter. Every time you invite potential brothers and sisters to your house, you’re marketing. Every time you play indoor soccer at the gym facility, you’re marketing.


In conclusion, in this article, we discussed the topic of how to get more members into fraternities and sororities. Yes, the internet has the power to speed everything up and deliver more targeted marketing messages, but as we discussed in the introductory paragraph, not every business will thrive from online marketing. Fraternities and sororities are organizations that rely almost 100% on physical face-to-face interactions. This is still the prime method of closing someone, and so if the potentials like you, the chapter, and believe in the mission, then they will more than likely stay. It is then up to the leaders to retain them to have a great experience. Rush events are great, but they only show a small part of what Greek life is about. Make sure that when your marketing attracts people that you show them a great time. Throw a huge party and create a professional video of it to send to potential recruits, then invite them to the next party. You’ll create a culture of people who are not only extremely serious about their education and careers but who also like to have fun and share it with others. Having a history of fraternal or sorority affiliations is of great value to your resume when you finally graduate and need to find a job, so do the best you can.